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President's Words

Welcome to the website of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China!

Rope skipping has a long history in sports. It is easy yet challenging: it takes omniform styles in acrobatic rope skipping and there is no limit to the number of participants. Rope skipping is a sport which contains individual distinctive skills while stresses on the cooperation among members as a whole. It is an enjoyable sports event and, with the accompaniment of music, rope skipping will be even more dynamic and interesting.

In Hong Kong, such a small place in the world, the potential of development of rope skipping can never be ignored. As people in this modern society are leading a more and more fast-paced life while children are being flooded by piles of homework, rope skipping provides people of different ages with an opportunity to get out of the hustle and bustle of life. By holding a rope in hands, everyone can jump into the world of invigoration, even in a limited area.

Nowadays, rope skipping organizations were established in different regions to promote the importance of rope skipping exercise to a healthy life. In view of this, we registered as a non-profit organization on 1 September, 1997. We are devoted to promoting rope skipping exercise so that more people of different age groups can jump together to enjoy rope skipping.

Professor Amy Sau-Ching HA

Founder and President of HKRSA