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Our Mission

We are devoted to promoting rope skipping exercise and health-related issues, organizing educational activities and researching. We also organize various kinds of activities in order to popularize rope skipping exercise around the territory of Hong Kong, including:


  • Holding symposiums on rope skipping skills, rope skipping day camps and rope skipping classes in various forms;

  • Providing training and knowledge on rope skipping for primary and secondary school teachers in Physical Education so that they can teach students the correct skills of rope skipping and publish books and video tapes of rope skipping skills at schools;

  • Boosting and organizing local and district rope skipping competitions in Hong Kong;

  • Offering assistance in upgrading the standard of local rope skipping athletes and strengthening exchanges with Asian, European and American countries;

  • Nurturing eminent rope skipping athletes to strive for excellence in international rope skipping competitions.



  • 各種跳繩技術研討會、跳繩日營、跳繩學習班

  • 向中、小學體育教師傳遞有關跳繩的知識,使他們能夠在校內正確地向學生教授跳繩技術及出版跳繩技術的書籍及錄影帶。

  • 推動及舉辦本地及地區性跳繩比賽。

  • 協助提升本地跳繩運動的水平,加強與亞洲區及歐美各地的交流。

  • 培訓優秀的跳繩運動員參加國際性之跳繩賽事。